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Voyage Recorder 4 YDVR-04N - Compatible with NMEA 200 (Device eNet) Micro Male

Voyage Recorder 4 YDVR-04N - Compatible with NMEA 200 (Device eNet) Micro Male

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YACHT DEVICES - Voyage Recorder YDVR-04

Use Voyage Recorder to keep GPS tracks, wind, depth, temperature, AIS and all other data which flow through the network backbone collected during all your voyages in the season. Never forget exciting moments of your voyages, have proof of strong winds and great storms, accumulate data for future voyages, analyze your races, generate logbooks and diagnose problems.

The Recorder is intended for storing data from the onboard network of the vessel on a MicroSD memory card. The onboard network of a typical cruise yacht has data about the position, course, speed, depth, water temperature, log, wind speed and direction, and AIS data of nearby vessels. Digital data from the motor, water and fuel tanks, battery level, etc. may also be available.

The Recorder writes all network data into the memory card. It does not analyze the data, leaving that work for the software application that runs on personal computer. Because of that, the Recorder supports all message types broadcasted through the network by any other equipment present on the vessel's network



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