INSTRUMENTS - WIND – Short or Long Arm Wind Vane - 2 Dogs Marine

INSTRUMENTS - WIND – Short or Long Arm Wind Vane

  • $570.00

Mirco-Talk™ Wireless Gateway

Raymarine’s new Micro-Talk Wireless Performance Sailing Gateway seamlessly joins together wired and wireless systems enabling you to achieve all-new levels of high performance sailing! Benefits include:

  • Performance sailing with wireless wind enhancement on your Raymarine MFD; with accurate lay lines
  • Use the power of your Raymarine MFD to inspire enhanced competitive sailing
  • True wind achieved with sophisticated airflow and yaw algorithms
  • Provides real-time data with robust and fast refresh rate
  • Mast rotation position sensing, for wing sail boats
  • Quick installation, light and wireless connection to wind vane
  • Low power when used with Raymarine solar-powered wireless devices

R28170 - Short Arm Wind Vane Transducer

R28171 - Long Arm Wind Vane Transducer



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