How to Choose the right marine electronics for your boat

Lets talk nerves

You've scanned and scrutinised all of the bareboat charter yacht companies and have narrowed your selection down to two companies, four boats.

So how do you make your decision to part with your hard earned cash, and have the holiday of a lifetime? 

All boats have the same sleeping capability, some beds are slightly longer or wider than an other. Two boats are catamarans, two are monohulls. One couple likes to sail and lean, the other prefers the stability of a catamaran. But there is the one crew member onboard that you may not realise is coming until they are there. The nervous, never sailed, how will we not sink, crew member. 

This crew member can make or break a holiday. They can either be pacified and made to feel safe and content, or you can/ may have to, drop them off at the closest island to get a ferry back to the mainland. But how can you ease these woes before you hit CONFIRM on the boat selection? One way is by ensuring that all electronic equipment is up to date with the latest in technology available. By making sure that you are going to be briefed in HOW to USE this equipment...

So, quality instruments such as depth sounder, VHF communications, navigation lights, and chart plotters are essential, to appease the nervous crew member. Be sure to check all of your equipment and make sure that you know how to use it (hint, don't touch all the buttons) or that there is a manual handy.

Have a wonderful trip and hand a cocktail to the nervous sailor as they hold a line- to nothing. 

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