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Engineered for all above or below-deck applications which are ideal for:

- Keeping an eye on your family or crew while on board as well as boat drive. 

- An extra set of eyes for backing up, docking, and maneuvering.

VNFM5S51XR - Dome IP Camera and VNEM5S51X - Bullet IP Camera are the only plug and play cameras that are compatible with ALL MFD's- including Raymarine MFD's.

Vision Hitech is a specialized company that has developed and produced surveillance camera for 21 years and has grown into the only leading manufacturer in Korea with its own technology and facilities. In particular, we will lead the success of our customers by satisfying our customers through the marine super low-light camera technology accumulated by supplying and manufacturing the cameras of yacht specialist.

Recording all the action on deck when fishing or racing.

VNFM5S51XR - Dome IP Camera

VNEM5S51X - Bullet IP Camera

VONMUA51ER - Underwater Analog Camera

VM04EP - Marine 4ch NVR


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