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Circuit Control YDCC-04

Circuit Control YDCC-04

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The Circuit Control YDCC-04 

The Circuit Control YDCC-04 and the Switch Control YDSC-04. These devices have low power consumption and are cost effective and well suited to building a NMEA 2000 digital switching system on small and medium size vessels.

Digital switching will allow you to save on cables, reduce system complexity and control loads from different places and remotely, plus it opens doors to boat automation.

We are glad to present our pure NMEA 2000 digital switching system, which is extremely simple and does not require a degree in electronics or specialist software to install.

The core component is the Circuit Control, which has four latching (bi-stable) relays and terminals for connecting of four external buttons with LED indicators. Loads can be managed from the connected buttons or over NMEA 2000.

Latching relays remain in their state after being powered off and consume electricity only when switching. The average current consumption of the Circuit Control is only 30 mA, and you can reduce it to 18 mA by switching off the built-in LEDs using the device's settings.

The next advantage of relays is their compatibility with any type of load: direct current (DC), alternating current (AC) or audio. They do not heat up on high current and they provide high-voltage isolation. The mechanical endurance of the contacts is more than 2 million switching operations.

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