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QUANTUM 2 CHIRP RADAR - with Doppler

QUANTUM 2 CHIRP RADAR - with Doppler

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Quantum 2 CHIRP Pulse Compression Radar with Doppler Raymarine’s second‐generation Quantum CHIRP radar is even more capable with the addition of Doppler target processing.  

Quantum 2’s new Doppler Mode improves on‐the‐water safety and traffic management by identifying moving targets in easy‐to‐identify colors.   Inbound targets are colored in red, outbound targets in green, and stationary contacts are colored in a neutral third color.  This makes it simple for boaters to quickly identify targets in motion and assess their risk of collision.  

Quantum 2 also adds a new feature called Safety Sector that further highlights stationary and low‐speed targets that are in the path of the vessel.  This Raymarine‐exclusive feature ensures that low and no‐ speed threats like stopped vessels, paddle craft, navigation aids, rocks and other objects are not overlooked when Doppler mode is in use.  The Safety Sector creates an invisible zone 5° wide and 200 meters ahead of the boat.  Any targets in that zone are highlighted in red to maximize their visibility and alert the operator of a pending collision.    

Quantum 2 also takes target tracking to a whole new level with a 25‐target MARPA system, fully automatic target acquisition, and new high‐speed target tracking algorithms.  Raymarine developed this new radar target tracking system for the United States Coast Guard and other operators of fast‐ response craft.  We are proud to make it available to boaters everywhere who will find a whole new level of speed, accuracy, safety and peace‐of‐mind.    

Quantum 2 also brings all the same great features that made the original Quantum radar so popular.  

Quantum 2 can be installed in a wired or wireless configuration.  Its compact and lightweight design is perfect for boats of all sizes.  

Quantum 2 has a maximum range of 24 miles (12 miles in Doppler mode), and is fully compatible with Raymarine Axiom, Axiom Pro, eS‐Series and gS‐Series running LightHouse 3.4 software or higher.

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