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FUSION - Subwoofers

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Fusion Amplifier

Introducing high-end audio for the marine cabin environment with the MS-AB206 Active Subwoofer. Designed for exceptional sound in any vessel, the Signature Series represents the highest quality purpose-built marine audio equipment from Fusion. 

With unrivalled bass reproduction, the MS-AB206 creates the perfect atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing. Specifically tuned to produce the best acoustic result when installed in a saloon or cabin environment, and when paired with the MS-BX3020 cabin speakers, the remarkable sound quality is like nothing you’ve heard before.

The MS-AB206 features a 6" dual voice coil down-firing woofer which is acoustically coupled to a matching passive radiator, producing exceptional bass reproduction. The passive radiator is used to tune the volume and driver for better low frequency performance, eliminating port turbulence and reducing motion compression.

The MS-AB206 features a 4 channel, Class-D amplifier for efficient and high output. Two channels are dedicated to the subwoofer with the other two channels specifically tuned to provide power to the MS-BX3020 cabin speakers.

This product is rated True-Marine, for dry area installation only, and carries with it a 3 year limited consumer warranty.

MS-AB206 - Marine Active Subwoofer Enclosure - 210W dual 6" subs with 2 channel speaker output.

 MS-SW10 - Flush Mount 10" Subwoofer - 300W




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