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FUSION - Marine Stereo Kits

FUSION - Marine Stereo Kits

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Introducing the MS-RA70, FUSION's sleekest value-packed marine stereo, designed to deliver a quality on-water entertainment experience by incorporating some of the latest marine technologies. The MS-RA70 is engineered to seamlessly replace any standard DIN sized non-marinized stereo without the need to reconfigure dash space. Clever styling gives the installer the option of either mounting the stereo with a conventional dash finish or integrating it into a glass helm with a flush surface, ensuring a high-end finish to the installation.

Owners Manual:

MS-RA70KTS - Stereo Kit includes - MS-RA70i Stereo with MS-EL602 Speakers (white) -

MS-RA55KTS - Stereo Kit includes - MS-RA55 Stereo with MS-EL602 Speakers (white) -

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