NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi Gateway YDWG-02 - Compatible with Raymarine SeaTalk NG

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YACHT DEVICES - NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi Gateway YDWG-02

The NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi Gateway allows you to see data from a NMEA 2000 marine digital network on a PC or smartphone. With it, you get marine network data including vessel course, speed, position, wind speed and direction, water depth, AIS messages from vessels and aircrafts and other navigation data in popular software applications.

The Device creates its own Wi-Fi network (with about 30 meters range in open spaces) or it can be connected to an existing Wi-Fi network. In the second case, the coverage depends on coverage of the base network; laptops and PCs can be connected to Wi-Fi routers (and the Gateway) by Ethernet; and you can configure remote access to Gateway over the Internet.

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